Boston Lyric Opera Case Study Summary


The Boston Lyric Opera was the fastest growing opera company in North America during the 1990s. Having successfully completed a move to a larger facility in 1999, the board and general director recognize the need to develop a formal strategic planning and governance process to guide the company into the future. Board members, senior managers, and artistic leaders use the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) as the focus of a multi-month strategic planning process that develops a strategy map and objectives in the four BSC perspectives for three core strategic themes. This case describes the high-level scorecard development, its cascading down to departments and individuals and the directors' interactions--using the Balanced Scorecard--with the artistic leaders and board of directors.

Keywords: Balanced Scorecard; Strategic Planning; Arts; Growth and Development Strategy; Governing and Advisory Boards; Fine Arts Industry; Massachusetts;

Werther, a poet, becomes obsessed with Charlotte, and she returns his love ecstatically. But she is forced to reject him when she learns that Albert—the man she had promised her dying mother she would marry—has returned. Their wedding proceeds and Werther is consumed with jealousy, although Albert offers understanding. Even as Werther contemplates suicide, he cannot bring himself to leave. Charlotte begs him to go, only conceding that they may meet again in a few months, at Christmas.

In the interim, Werther’s passionate letters cause Charlotte anguish and bitter remorse. She is forced to admit to herself that in spite of her struggles to forget, she loves him still. On Christmas Eve Werther returns, and she almost gives in to him but, overcome with guilt, rushes away. Werther despairingly leaves. Albert is suspicious of a visibly nervous Charlotte, and when he receives a message from Werther asking him for the loan of his pistol, as he is leaving “for a distant country,” Albert orders Charlotte to fetch the gun so he can send it with a servant. She realizes what is implied in the request, and once Albert departs she rushes to Werther, praying she will not be too late. She confesses her love as the sounds of children singing “Noel” echo outside.

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