First Week Of College Essay

Moving to college is such a whirlwind of emotions. Students are anxious, excited, nervous, happy, sad, and so, so confused.

There’s really no real way to avoid it besides taking it slow and embracing this once-in-a-lifetime moment: your first college move-in day.

Here are a few tips to make this transition easier, and what I have learned through my first week of dorm life.

1. You will forget something.

No matter what you do, no matter how many online, college packing lists you look up (about 10 for me), you will forget something.

Personally, I forgot to bring pictures from home. I brought three picture holders and no pictures. Nothing could have prepared me for this mistake, no online source. Except, now you are prepared for that after reading this post.

The reason you forget stuff is because you don’t really know what you’ll need until you actually move in and spend the night in this scary place called “college.”

For instance, I didn’t know that my desk came with a bulletin board on the back of it, so I didn’t bring any thumbtacks. After going to three different stores and realizing that those crazy moms had snatched up all the thumbtacks for their little angels, I am still without. I also absolutely refuse to pay millions of dollars for a pack at the bookstore.

2. The bookstore is very expensive.

I don’t know what kind of rights college bookstores have, but they mark up everything to ridiculously high prices. There really should be some kind of law.

One five-subject notebook may cost you $9.99! Do not buy your school supplies here. It’s an expensive idea that you will quickly realize was bad.

Also, when you are buying textbooks, look at a lot of different sources. Do not just head straight to the bookstore.

3. Bring dorm room decorations

There is nothing worse than walking into a dorm room with nothing to look at but white concrete blocks. Bring a poster, a calendar, a flag, something—anything.

It makes the dorm a lot more livable and much less like a prison cell. I had a super intense craft day before I moved in and I made all kinds of wall decorations for my room.

Girls, this is the time to look at that craft board on Pinterest. Boys, posters work just fine, too.

Even try bringing some Christmas lights or a lamp. The dorm lights are usually pretty harsh, and you will look so much cooler to the passerby in the hallway that looks in on you every time.

Seriously, every time.

4. Meet the people on your floor as soon as you can

The first few days are pretty much the only “normal” time to go next door and introduce yourself. After that, it’s kind of weird because the window of opportunity has already passed.

Feel free to keep introducing yourself, but the best time is in those first few days. Who knows? The peanut butter to your jelly could be right next door!

Good luck to everyone moving in! The first week is a blast and something you’ll remember for the rest of your life!

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How to survive the first week of college
The first day of college is a new environment, it is nothing like elementary, junior high, or even high school. You are going to a school where you are known as a grown adult and not a child. Therefore, anything you do is all on you. However, every freshman in college has this one worry, which is how to survive the first week of college. Many advices I like to give to freshman on how to survive the first week of college is to tour the campus, look over all the syllabus your professor provide for you and view over your textbooks, organize your room and school supplies, and make sure you have a routine so your schedule is balanced.
The first tip on surviving the first week of college is to tour the campus. It is good to tour the campus because you know where you are going and will not get lost. An example is after meeting with an advisor and they hand your class schedule to you, by the first day of class you will know where you are going. Another example is you should know where a good place to study and relax in peace other than your room, like the library or the student lounge.
The second tip on surviving the first week of college is to look and view all your textbooks and syllabus your professor provides for you. Looking over your textbooks is a good tip because you have to make sure the books match with the right classes. Viewing the entire syllabus your professors provide for you shows you important dates. For example when exams are, what you are doing in class if you miss a day, quizzes and tests. It also shows rules and explains about the class and about your professors.
The third tip on surviving the first week of college is to organize your room and school supplies. You would wonder why organizing your room is a surviving tip for college. That is because once your room is organized; you know where everything is and will not have to look around or rush to get to places like class or even out with friends....

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