How To Write An Entry Level Accounting Cover Letter


Are you looking for a good entry level accounting cover letter example? Well look no further! Here is an example of a good cover letter sample for an entry level accounting position.


Entry-Level Accounting Cover Letter Sample



Dear Sir/Madam (try to find out who to address this too; only use Sir/Madam as a last resort)

I am writing to express my interest in the xxxx opportunity at Xxxx, and have enclosed my resume and credentials for your consideration.  Review of my qualifications will confirm that I am a highly motivated and resourceful candidate with strong quantitative/qualitative research and statistical analysis skills combined with exceptional academic and hands-on experience.  I offer strong academic qualifications including  my Bachelor of Technology in Accounting, a Diploma in Accounting and accounting certifications combined with hands-on experience in the industry, both in accounting and customer service.  I am certain that my motivation, academic experience, financial expertise and professional demeanour will make me an excellent addition to your team as your xxx.

Other highlights of my career that would help to exceed at Xxxx would be:

  • Strong technical expertise in Microsoft Office (Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint) as well as accounting software (QuickBooks, Sage 50, ACCPAC, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and ProFile)
  • While at H&R Block, I provided exceptional service while preparing complex personal tax returns (T1) for clients, ensuring all federal tax guidelines are met and exceeding client expectations gaining referrals and repeat clients.
  • Assisted clients with Moving Expenses, Employment Expenses, Rental Income, Business, First Nations, and Disability Tax Credit.
  • Chosen by management to teach practical training sessions for First Year Tax Professionals in Maple Ridge which included theory, software, and client interaction skills.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills – able to collaborate with team members, management and executives
  • Proven track record of excelling in fast-paced, deadline driven environments

In particular, the strong relationships I build with clients, team members, upper management, and the community has resulted in significant increases in the success of numerous projects and gained an enormous amount of respect within the industry.   I am certain that my team-focused, positive attitude and emphasis on client satisfaction would be a welcome addition to your organization.  My resume will provide additional details concerning my qualifications and accomplishments, and I would welcome the opportunity for an interview to discuss the performance you can expect from me.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Kevin Shen, CPA


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Entry Level Accounting | Sample Cover Letter 4

When applying for an Accounting job, be sure to include a tailored cover letter with your resume. If you are not sure what to write, review this Accounting sample cover letter for ideas.

John Doe
1234 Broad Street
Small Town, IL 23456

January 1, 2009

Joe Smith
Human Resources Manager
Restaurant Company
123 South Beach Rd.
Miami, FL 12345

Dear Mr. Smith –

I am writing to apply for an entry level position with your company in the Accounting/Business area. My experience in accounting and the additional skills that I have obtained will make me an asset to your team. I have strong experience in payroll administration, accounts payable, journal entries, and contracts administration. I am thrilled to know that your industries work is related to my interests.

As indicated in my resume, I have graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Big State University. During the last three years, I have had the opportunity to work in many areas of accounting, and I really believe that this experience has prepared me for the industry.

I am very interested in an opportunity and would enjoy meeting you to discuss possible positions. I believe that my previous experiences will make me an asset to your company.


John Doe

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