The Buddha Of Suburbia Essay Topics

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The Buddha of Suburbia, written by Hanif Kureishi, was first published during 1990 and was later published during 1991 by Penguin Books. This is a provocative work of fiction concerned with themes of family, suburban life, morality, sexuality, infidelity, and more. Karim Amir, the protagonist, is a high-spirited and adventurous teenager who embarks on a wild journey of fame, luxury, and pleasure, all thanks to his dad becoming the "Buddha of Suburbia." Unfortunately, his dad's rise to fame comes at a price as he falls in love with one of his followers, devaluing his marriage.

Some readers say the story plot is a bit disorganized, predictable, and boring. On the other hand, some readers deem it as an interesting and humorous coming-of-age story that has a fresh appeal, despite being written over 20 years ago.

Kureishi was born in London to an English mother and Pakistani father. As a novelist, he has written and published several stories beyond this book, such as The Black Album and Intimacy. The Buddha of Suburbia earned him the 1990 Whitbread Award for First Novel. This book was also made into a BBC television series.

Essay Topic 1

Explain why The Buddha of Suburbia is classified as a coming of age story. Who is coming of age in this story, and what life challenges and experiences help that individual mature?

Essay Topic 2

Manipulation is a major theme in The Buddha of Suburbia. Describe at least three different situations where one character is manipulating another. What is their motivation for manipulating someone else? Do the characters being manipulated realize what it happening? If so, why do they allow it to happen?

Essay Topic 3

What is the significance of the title of The Buddha of Suburbia? How does that title reflect the story being told?

Essay Topic 4

Define 'character foil' and explain how each of the following characters acted as a foil to Karim.

1. Haroon

2. Anwar

3. Changez

Essay Topic 5

If Karim is the story's protagonist who or what is the antagonist? Is there more than one...

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