University Of Idaho Admissions Essay Example

The Admissions Review

BYU-Idaho reviews applicants in five main areas: church endorsements, academic achievement, seminary, extracurricular activities, and essays. Students are expected to be worthy of a full endorsement from their church leaders and commit to abide by the Honor Code. Academic achievement will be represented by grade point average and performance on standardized tests. BYU-Idaho expects students to graduate from seminary and have a positive seminary recommendation. Applicants will also be reviewed on their extracurricular involvement and essay responses.

Endorsements from bishop/branch president and stake presidency OR mission president (for missionaries currently serving)

  • LDS applicants must be members in good standing (no probation of any kind) to be admissible to BYU-Idaho.
  • Non-LDS applicants are required to abide by the Code of Honor and should review it thoroughly prior to applying. Interviews for non-LDS applicants are conducted by an LDS bishop.

Academic Requirements

  • Cumulative un-weighted high school grade point average (GPA)
  • ACT or SAT scores (BYU-Idaho wll use the highest score submited prior to the application deadline.)
  • Home/Private School Requirements

Seminary attendance and graduation

  • Admission to BYU-Idaho is much more difficult for students who do not graduate from seminary. If you are concerned about your attendance/graduation, please visit with your seminary teacher about makeup work or other alternatives.

Extracurricular involvement

  • BYU-Idaho is interested in students with a desire to participate. This desire is often evidenced by prior involvement in clubs, teams, leadership organizations, service, Scouting, church and civic organizations, competitions, and work opportunities.


  • The essays found in the CES Admission application give applicants an opportunity to explain a little more about themselves, their unique attributes, and their goals.

First-year students will be entering the UI immediately following graduation from high school even though they may have completed university or community college courses.

Initial admission decisions are based on a correlation between cumulative, unweighted, accredited high school GPA and the highest ACT or SAT scores as approximated in our GPA, ACT, and SAT correlation chart.

Applicants who meet the initial admission index will be asked to submit four short compositions (one to two double-spaced paragraphs) which describe significant learning experiences and perspectives. If you do not receive the emailed composition topics after checking your “spam” folder and verifying your email address, contact Your application is not considered complete until the UHP has received your initial application and your four short compositions.

If you do not meet initial admission requirements from the GPA, SAT and ACT correlation chart, we still encourage you to complete the application process. After you receive the emailed composition topics, submit the following supplemental information electronically to

  • Four brief compositions
  • Two letters of recommendation from teachers who can evaluate your academic potential
  • List of your high school activities and accomplishments
  • Paragraph describing why you would like to be a member of the Honors Program. Include information on honors or advanced courses taken in high school, and any specific circumstances you would like for us to consider in our admission decision

If you are home-schooled or from a non-accredited high school, we may ask you to provide letters of recommendation from two teachers to supplement your application.

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