Reality Show Should Be Banned Essay

Should Children Be Banned From Watching Shows That Contain Violence and Other Adult Contents?

No because...

Television might feed their illusions and ambitions but it is indisputably a great source of information and contains not only violent but educational themes as well.Parents who are not capable of directing their children on the right life path cannot blame television because it can only be a part of the problem but never the problem itself.Parents need to make peace with the idea that their children will always be under certain outer influence and will always have many voices telling them and influencing them to do different than what they are taught but the parents` voice always needs to be the loudest and the strongest.And if we were not to watch every TV show which contains violence than we shouldn`t watch the news either.

It is better that children start being exposed to adult themes before they're completely independent so that their parents or other support networks can help them interpret and make sense of what they're seeing. Preventing children from encountering these themes attempts to protect them until the age of majority, then throws them in the deep end. One does not magically gain the ability to deal with mature themes on a certain day, it is developed over time like other aspects of one's personality and parental involvement in this process will, in most cases, assist children in developing their ability to cope with the adult world.

There is also another element that contributes to this disscusion which must be added. In todays society most, if not all adults think that they in public maintain a sort of facade if you will and wont ever deviate from what is commonly accepted by society. One such case that difinatively proves this is the famous play, Antigone by plato which explores the psychology of the human mind when faced with an ethical dilemma, should he obey and follow what he is told and kill the man or should he disobey the authourity and refuse to do as such and save his life. By now i would expect almost all of you would have chosen to refuse allow a man to be killed, but the surprising thing is that when faced with such a decision in real life we are not as quick, as demonstrated by a simple experiment where there is a teacher, an assistant and a learner. Both the teacher and the learner are actors, while the assistant is an ordinary person. The teacher tells the assistant to read out the words and if the learner doesnt recite them he or she flips a switch which will administer the student an electric shock. The teacher will never come in contact with neither the assistant nor the learner during the duration of the experiment, and the learner will indicate that he is in pain when he "recieves" an electric shock at increacing levels of intensity. The results of this experiment were extremely surprising. 60% of participents were fully obedient to the teacher and administered the highest shock on the board. This is the difference between what people think when they are presented with a situation and what they do in that situation. The assistant could have stopped participating in the experiment at anytime of their own free will. It also concluded that most of the assistants were more worried about the legal compications after the experiment after which the teacher assured them he or she would take full responsibility the assistant continued administering shocks. This diffinatively proves that people are much more concerned with their public face than ethical or moral correctness. this translates into more than the majority of people instantly concluding, without contemplation of the real world nor what the world would be if this were put in place.

Another point that is more than present in most of society is bias. It is the mind of a person who really seeks the truth to look upon the world in the third person completely free from bias and solely on the facts, and from this ideas evolve. The main bias present is religeon. Christianity teaches people that both violence and sex are sin and thus forth negative. this bias runs deep in many western societies which hold these beliefs so deeply to heart they escalate the problem to the point at which a relatively simple thing becomes a gigantic waste of time for the national court system. There are also those who worship so blindly they become hypocrits and they themselves commit violence. A similar problem is the hypocracy exhibited by people worship so blindly they cannot and will not see their own sins. These are all issues that are bought around by bias and can be resolved by thinking in the third person which allows a free mind.

There is also the steriotype that adults are older and thus smarter. This is pure ignorence and to the greatest extent patronizing I have once had a teacher who patronized me and verbally abused me till in court i displayed my intellect and successfully sued her. She lost her job from the department of education and was banned from teaching till after an anger management course, after which she found a job at a public school where she was shanked to death by one of her students. this without a doubt proves that these antiquated notions are strangling society from ever flourishing.

  • It is culture fegue

    Yes because fugue will be on them This will be very good for kids an its a potential part of our culture feegu was the king of the incas this was a statement i saw in a reality show this is culture and we need of this reality shows as fegue.

  • I think not!

    I think that reality tv shoukd not be banned because for some people, reality tv is their life. For example, if that guy hadnt won on survivor, his family woiuld still be poor. Also, shows like All-Star Celeberity Apprentice helps charity a bunch, which is good. So, again, I THINK NOT!

  • Reality TV should not be banned.

    I dont think reality tv should banned because there are shows like The Apprentice where if you win, you can get a job, and you can also get money for your family if you are in finacial trouble. So, as far as my thoughts go, reality tv should not be banned, not now, not ever, because it can help some people a lot.

  • the people choose.

    The people in the tv show decide if their "everyday" actions are broadcasted to the county or not. Since it's pretty much their choice, it doesn't make sense to ban people for doing stupid things that they probably wouldn't do in real life. I don't really like reality tv, but I don't see any reason to ban it completely either.

  • It's economically successful.

    Reality television makes money, and in a materialistic consumer society, they won't cancel a show that makes money. That's just not how the world works. The best example are adverts, that admittedly most people (including me) don't like, because they interrupt the show I'm watching, but they also wouldn't show them if they weren't effectively showing their product

  • Reality TV Distasteful, But Commercially Successful

    Americans have the right to be dumbed down. Reality TV is here to stay, even with absurd shows featuring Honey Boo Boo. Yes, reality television is bad. Yet somehow, Americans are drawn to shows about real people succeeding and failing. As long as shows are commercially viable and ratings successes, reality TV isn't going away. It's part of the "bread and circuses" of America.

  • Let freedom ring

    No it should not. Many people out there love these reality T.V. shows. While I do not agree with alot of them, I feel that they do have a right to make these shows. And people have the right to either watch or not. Thats the good thing about a free society.

  • No.

    Even though, I do not like reality television one bit, there are people out there who do. This opens up a market opportunity for those who want to capitalize on it. Banning it for no reason will deprive the consumers as well as the producers of that opportunity which is not fair. Since it does not affect society as a whole and does not result in any sort of damage to communities, there is no reason to ban it. And even if something illicit or unethical took place, banning all reality TV is not justified.

  • Reality not must be banned

    Becouse the reality show is our tv programer that show about some body live. May that make we know about how the live in street ? Or how the tv program make us to be a not need a sinetron program. To make us know how live is so need to pry ?

  • Realiy tv shouldn't be ban

    Reality tv show gives poor a opportunity in which case its positive now hy always go back to the "rich spoilt brats" why not see the main side that they help a lot if you are poor and u have a talent in something i don't see the case why its not helpful u can put up a addition and u may get publicity and get money which helps in getting a good job and you will have a life...

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