Predator Prey Lab Assignment 2


 Name: Lucia Plunkett Date: August 10


 2016Biology 11 – Unit 3 Assignment #2 Dee: Pe!ation o "taation $oksheet%nto!uction:%n 1&'0 the !ee (o(ulation o) an islan! )oest esee is a*out +1, s-uae miles in si.e /hich has the caying ca(acity o) a*out 2000 animals Although the islan! ha! ecellent egetation )o )ee!ing the )oo! su((ly o*iously ha! limits his the 4oest 5anagement  (esonnel )eae! that oeg might lea! to mass staation "ince the aeas /as too emote )o huntes the /il!li)e seice !eci!e! to *ing in natual (e!atos to contol the !ee  (o(ulation %t /as ho(e! that natual (e!ation /oul! kee( the !ee (o(ulation )om *ecoming too lage an! also incease the !ee -uality health7 as (e!atos /oul! *e a*le to eliminate the /eake mem*es o) the !ee he! %n 1&'1 ten /oles /ee )lo/n into the islan!he esults o) this (ogam ae sho/n in the !ata ta*le 8ou /ill calculate the Poce!ue:1 9a(h the !ee an! /ol) (o(ulations on a ga(h (oi!e!28ou /ill calculate the change in !ee (o(ulation an! )ill it in the !ata ta*le


 N;: %n o!e to calculate the !ee (o(ulation change you must !o the )ollo/ing:

Deer Population +Deer Offspring – Number killed by predation- number killed by starvation= the hange in deer population!"# $%%% +&%%-'%%-(%%= +3%% the deer population is 3%% more than the initial $%%%

< Use one colo to sho/ !ee (o(ulations an! anothe colo to sho/ /ol) (o(ulationData a*le: 8ea $ol) Po(ulationDee Po(ulationDee ))s(ingPe!ation"taationDee Po(ulation =hange1&'1102000,00<00100>3001&'2122300&20<,02<0>2001&'3162+0010006<0+00?1<01&'<222360&<<,,01,0?1361&'+2,222<&&6112026?1301&'62<20&<,36&602?1261&''211&6,',,,<00?+21&',1,1&16'66'200><61&'&1&1&+2',0'600>201&,01&1&'2'&0'600>30

Predator Prey Lab ReportBe sure to save this document on your computer when you have completed the assignment so you can submit it to your instructor. You will submit this lab report as assignment 06.01 Energy Flow in Ecosystems. Data TableRecord the data from the Predator-Prey Simulation at the beginning and end of each round or "generation." Generations1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Initial Number of Predators (wolf) 22211221221246411222Initial Number of Prey (hare) 66648861216 20 366076126816242420Number of Predators (wolf) Remaining 11001101101232001111Number of Prey (hare) Remaining3324436810 18 3038634812121016Graph the ResultsConstruct a line graph. On the horizontal x-axis, put generations 1 through 20, on the vertical y-axis you will have the population numbers for each generation (number of predators, number of prey). Use two different colored lines in the graph: one for the predator and one for the prey. Be sure to number each axis, to identify each color as

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