Bb0027 Smu Solved Assignment


b )mportance of Aeading

.&efinition of 'eading ($planation of the importance of 'eading


: a) 'eading can !e defined as the process of setting direction, creating alignment, and creatingengagement to deliver high productivity and to facilitate change. &irecting can !e defined as the process !y which the managers instruct, guide, and oversee the performance of the wor"ers to achieve predetermined goals. It

&&)G*5*7 &57-2! %efine the term ontrolling >hat are the prereCuisites of effective control

&efinition of controlling*re+reuisites of effective control


: -ontrolling can !e defined as measuring and correcting of performance to achieve theorganisational goals. According to rech, “-ontrolling is a systematic e$ercise which is called as a process of chec"ing actual performance against the standards or plans with a view to ensure adeuate progress and also recording such e$perience as is gained as a contri!ution to possi!le future needs.”According to &onnell, “/ust as a navigator continually ta"es reading to ensure whether he is relative to a planned action

2 5:plain the components and functions of attitude.

($planation of the components of attitude ($planation of the functions of attitude



omponents of attitude


It is the mental process involved in gaining "nowledge and comprehension, includingthin"ing, "nowing, remem!ering, 0udging and pro!lem solving. The cognition component of an attitudereflects a person1s perceptions or !eliefs. -ognitive elements are evaluative !eliefs and are measured !yattitude scales or !y as"ing a!out thoughts.

ffect. 3 %efine leadership. >rite a brief note on ;ontingency 7heories of Aeadership<.

&efinition of leadership -ontingency Theories of 'eadership


: A simple

definition of leadership

is that leadership is the art of motivating a group of people toact towards achieving a common goal. This definition of leadership captures the leadership essentials of inspiration and preparation. (ffective leadership is !ased upon ideas !ut won2t happen unless those ideascan !e

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