Decorate Christmas Tree Essay

Christmas is a holy festival of Christians. Every year on December 25, Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ. All the Christians celebrate this festival with great devotion and loyalty. One of the major attractions of Christmas festival is 'Christmas Tree'.

On the occasion of Christmas, the Christmas Tree has special significance. A Christmas Tree is a decorated tree, usually an evergreen conifer such as spruce, pine or fir, traditionally associated with the celebration of Christmas. Decoration of Christmas Tree is one of the most important preparations before December 25th. Adults, Kids, Veterans all are involved in the decoration of the Christmas Tree. Candles, toffees and a great variety of cakes are tied with ribbon and paper napkins to the tree.

Christmas Tree in ancient times was considered a symbol of the continuity of life. It is believed that evil spirits away from the house and keep the flow of positive energy. There are many size of Christmas Tree available in the market. Some are cheap and some very expensive too. Christmas tree is one of the most popular traditions associated with the celebration of Christmas. It is a symbol of the promise of life to come after months of cold winter. 

The Christmas Tree Essay

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The Christmas Tree


Tightly squashed like sardines my family and I travel back to my childhood in thirty simple minutes. The sunshine tickles my eyelids through the salt- stained window. Bing Crosby chimes in his monotone voice singing, "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas", setting the mood. His voice is like a familiar calling that Christmas is near.


Bundled in our scratchy layers of insulation reminds me of deep sea diving. Pine sap and burning wood greet my nose, as we reach our destination. Hand-in-hand and piggy back rides for the younger kids fails to contain their instinctual excitement. Squirming to the sample trees we always argue over a white pine or a 'spruce, and we always end up with the same…show more content…

I have yet to win in my 17 years, but I can feel that this is my year! We run around marking possible candidates to set in our living room with sacrificing our own warmth with garments from our own bodies. A scarf here, a glove there. Finally, like a lieutenant checking cleanliness we critique the trees with high standards. "'No, this one is too bare in the front.' 'This is too yellow.' 'No, not quite tall enough!' " My sister yelps like a puppy with her balled up fists raised in triumph. I reach out and touch the soft bristly needles of the white pine. This, here, is the Christmas symbol of joy. The best sensation known to kid-dom is smelling the sweet yet bitter sharpness of pine sap. The thick syrupy consistence of the translucent sap coats my black mittens.


Trudging back with our coniferous prize the girls race to the old, golden school bus /which is a sauna in itself, while my dad waits in line to bind the tree's extended limbs.

Back at the barn, our tree is lined up against the rusty red, warped paint that chips off like confetti when you press against it. Entering the barn, the warmth swallows me whole as I searched for my family in the crowded interior. Distributing the hot cocoa, hot cider, powdered doughnuts and hotdogs we tap our toes and sing along to the live music man and band who has sung Christmas songs since the beginning of this tradition. Sipping my hot chocolate, I can feel the

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