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Fish 'O' Mania XXIII 2016

 Fish 'O' Mania Final 2016

In a hard fought final played out in some tough conditions, local man Andy May finally got his hands on the coveted Fish’O’Mania trophy as he held firm to take the title in the closing stretch. It was the Middlewich man’s third attempt at fishing’s big one and he fought off Kerry Kirkwood and Ross Harold to land the £50,000 prize.


With torrential rain all morning, it was a hard proposition for the 16 man field who had all won through the previous day at Cudmore in more benign conditions. It was Kerry Kirkwood, the eventual runner up, who lead after the opening two half hourly weigh-ins, before May assumed the lead after the third.


That last until the halfway mark when Essex man Ross Harold surged into a lead after a sparkling half hour. He maintained that over the next hour and looked in a string position for victory but the last 90 minutes of the match belonged to May as he dug in to win by three-plus kilos.


A delighted May, who used Cudmore as his base for his booming fishing coaching business was thrilled to have made it over the line: “It is just brilliant; it is something I have always wanted to do and to finally achieve it is just brilliant. The money is excellent but to have my name on the trophy means so much to me.


“My bank runner said with half an hour ago that a few more fish and I would have it in the bag. I had a decent skimmer towards the end and I knew then that I had done it.


“Because it was a small fish match a few fish could have swung it either way but I managed to hold on to the lead. I fished worms and casters in hard balls of ground bait and loose fed casters. There were so many fish at six metres, it was perfect for me.


“A bit of the money will pay the mortgage off, we will put some away, we have a couple of kids so it will be good to put some away for them in later life.”


Fish’O’Mania XXIII - Results


1. Andy May                            27.150 kg (Peg 5)

2. Kerry Kirkwood                   23.600 kg (Peg 4)

3. Ross Harold                         23.050 kg (Peg 11)

4. Robert Minikin                    21.750 kg (Peg 6)

5. Ian Giddins                          20.675 kg (Peg 9)

6. Jason Collins                        20.375 kg (Peg 1)

7. Ben Fisk                               19.250 kg (Peg 12)

8. Les Marshall                       18.650 kg (Peg 3)

9. David Woodworth               17.075 kg (Peg 7)

10. Jamie Hughes                    16.100 kg (Peg 14)

11. Andy Power                       15.500 kg (Peg 2)

12. Dale Stones                       14.175 kg (Peg 8)

13. Nathan Watson                 11.825 kg (Peg 13)

14. Stuart Fotheringham         10.075 kg (Peg 10)

15. Ryan Lidgard                     9.475 kg (Peg 15)

16. Paul Wright                       7.350 kg (Peg 16)


Holland’s Jurgen Spierings was the Fish’O’Mania International as he enjoyed a comfortable win amongst a field of top class international anglers. Spierings, who had experience of the venue when he represented Holland in previous years in the international pairs match, lead almost from the off as he collected the magnificent trophy and the cheque for £3,000.


“It is unbelievable to win as it is such a great event to win. The World Championships and Fish’O’Mania are the events you want to win.


“For the first two hours I only caught ide and in the last two hours it was more difficult so I was catching some other species too.


“This is my fourth Fish’O’Mania. I have played in the team event so that experience helped me – the fishing was the same as last year. Knowing the lake helped for sure because I could use the same tactics as last year; worms, casters and peat.”


The runner-up spot went to Italian veteran Milo Colombo who carried off a cheque for £1,000.


Fish’O’Mania XXIII International - Results


1. Jurgen Spierings (Holland) – 27.400 kg

2. Milo Colombo (Italy) – 20.950 kg    

3. Mathieu Vilain (France) – 14.075 kg         

4. Adam Niemiec (Poland) – 14.350 kg

5. Mario Nebauer (Germany) – 12.300 kg 

6. Eric di Venti (Belgium) – 11.800 kg




Fish’O’Mania XXIII International - Results


1. Jurgen Spierings (Holland) – 27.400 kg

2. Milo Colombo (Italy) – 20.950 kg    

3. Mathieu Vilain (France) – 14.075 kg         

4. Adam Niemiec (Poland) – 14.350 kg

5. Mario Nebauer (Germany) – 12.300 kg 

6. Eric di Venti (Belgium) – 11.800 kg


16 year-old Jack Damant of Ipswich, shocked himself as he took the Junior Fish’O’Mania title by half a kilo from Sam Collett of Leicester. The Suffolk lad netted himself a cool £1,000 for his efforts.


“It hasn’t quite sunk in,” he said immediately after the match.

“I am buzzing, I didn’t think I had won it, I thought I was second or third. I thought Sam Collett on the peg beside me had beaten me and I heard Tom Edwards was stacked up on small ide on peg five.


“This is my first year I have been here – it is absolute quality. It started off really hard because of the conditions. I started fishing tight across and I couldn’t hold it so I came 13 and a half metres and caught some F1s, ide, a few barbel, and when the wind came up I came down to the edge and caught some big skimmers, couple of bream, some big F1s and I had 17.200kg.


“Patience was the key. I do a lot of match fishing and the fishing today was the same tactics I use normally.


“I don’t know how I will spend the money yet - probably more fishing gear - and I will save the rest. I have just finished school and work at a water park on a Sunday.”


Fish’O’Mania XXII Juniors - Results


1. Jack Damant (Ipswich) – 17.200 kg (Peg 1)

2. Sam Collet (Leicester) – 16.475 kg (Peg 2)

3. Adam Swain (Boston) – 16.400 kg (Peg 3)

4. Tom Edwards (Spalding) – 16.125 kg (Peg 5)

5. William McCranor (Coventry) – 12.400 kg (Peg 6)

6. Yestyn Sephton (Leigh) – 7.850 kg (Peg 4)



Veteran SandraScotthorne rolled back the years as she took her fourth PartyPoker Fish’O’Mania title, edging out Gemma Matthews by over two kilos as she equalled Samantha Sims record. Scotthorne, 56, had won her first Fish’O’Mania title at Hayfield Lakes back in 2000, successfully defended it the following year and then won again in 2007.


“It was tough today. I was next to Charlotte Gore and we were neck and neck early in the match and then I pulled in front. Alan was with me for the first time in ages, he is usually doing something else at Fish’O’Mania, and he said I was in front.


“In the last half hour I went shallow and if I hadn’t done that I probably wouldn’t have beaten Gemma’s 17kg. I didn’t think I had done it because I only had small fish. It was good on the Suez. There were plenty of bites to be had so it was good fishing.


“I moved the trophies at home hoping to make space for another one, because I do love my trophies! It has been a while since I have been in Fish’O’Mania so winning today is on a par with the first.”


Fish’O’Mania XXII Ladies – Results


1. Sandra Scotthorne (Doncaster) – 20.200 kg (Peg 6)

2. Gemma Matthews (Melksham) – 17.850 kg (Peg 1)        

3. Charlotte Gore (Edenbridge) – 12.225 kg (Peg 5)

4. Emma Drysdale (Castle Cary) – 8.650 kg (Peg 4)

5. Alison Jones (Telford) – 8.125 kg (Peg 2)

6. Lisa Ford (Scissett) – 7.850 kg (Peg 3)

A look back at 2015 final

Coral Fish 'O’ Mania XXII



18th July

JAMIE HUGHES became only the second angler in the 22 year history of Coral Fish 'O’ Mania to win the title twice as he lead from the early stages to carry off coarse angling’s most prestigious prize at Cudmore Fisheries, Stoke-on-Trent.

He now stands with Matt Hall in British fishing’s most exclusive club having taken this title for the first time in 2013.  The 32 year-old from the Wirral, Merseyside claimed the £30,000 top prize as well as the magnificent trophy.

Hughes winning weight was 16.600kg, which put him 4.050 ahead of nearest rival Connor Barlow.

With Arena Lake at Cudmore having been drained, netted and re-stocked following last year’s final, there was plenty of debate and discussion as to how the water would fish.


With strong winds in the early part of the match, as well as sunshine and a record-breaking crowd, the conditions were tough.

Hughes, fishing off favoured peg 4, found his feet early and caught consistently throughout with the half hourly weigh-ins telling the story. By the half way stage he had built a clear lead as he adapted to the conditions well. In the end he was uncatchable as he caught F1s, two tench and plenty of small carp and skimmers.

“It is an unbelievable feeling! I always said I would love to win it twice but I didn’t think it would happen,” said a thrilled Hughes.


“The match went a lot different than all of us planned I think. We all thought we would be catching a lot more fish. Perhaps the disturbance around the lake scared some of the little fish and it has fished completely differently.”

With the weights generally low, there was always a chance Hughes could be caught if he slowed up and one of the chasing pack made a move. However, he never lost his grasp as he roared to victory.


Hughes added, “It made it a lot more technical; you had to be really busy rotating your lines and catching fish when people weren’t catching fish. It made it a good match but it was a bit nerve-wracking at the end with it being so close.

“My bank runner was keeping a track of what was going on all of the time. There are fish big enough in this lake that Connor could have caught that up within two fish, so up until the last 15 minutes there was always a chance he could have caught me.

“I don’t know how I will spend the money. I saved most of it last time so with this to add hopefully it can go towards a new house."

Second placed Connor Barlow from Droylsden, Manchester took the £5,000 cheque while Wayne Taylor bagged the trophy and £1,000 for the biggest fish – a 2.100kg carp.


Samantha Sim, the 29 year-old from Worthing, West Sussex, became the first woman to collect four Fish 'O’ Mania Ladies’ titles as she came on in the last hour to take the title ahead of Elizabeth Crewe.

Sim’s winning weight was 6.630 kilos, 1.470 ahead of her nearest rival and she netted the top prize of £1,000. The win gave Sim her record-breaking fourth Coral Fish’O’Mania Ladies title, ahead of Emma Pickering and Sandra Scotthorne who have both won three.

It was the 17th annual running of the Coral Fish’O’ Mania Ladies match Sim’s victory followed on from wins in 2007, 2011 and 2012.

“Myself, Emma and Sandra were all on three. Me and Emma are really good friends but we are competitive as well; and now I am better than her!” said a delighted Sim.

 “I had a complete change of tactic in the last hour and ended up fishing with ground bait, soil and worm with a little worm on the hook. It turned into a completely different hour for me.

“Earlier than that I was fishing a method feed tight to the island. I fished the pole lines with worm and caster. We started off on the pole but the fish moved off as the time went on, so they went to the island.

“It was too positive so we came back, scaled down with a more negative approach and the fish came onto it, and I was lucky enough to have that big fish as well which has boosted my weight back up.

“Every year, Fish 'O’ Mania is amazing. The atmosphere is great. This is my fourth win, a record, and I love it. I can’t wait to come back again!”


2015 Coral Fish’O’Mania XXII – Full Results

Final Result

1. Jamie Hughes (4) 16.600kg

2. Connor Barlow (2) 12.550kg

3. Wayne Taylor (10) 10.525kg

4. Kerry Kirkwood (11) 10.075kg

5. Josh Pace (6) 9.875kg

6. Eddie Green (12) 9.250kg

7. Matt Hall (9) 8.625kg

8. Steve Freeman (8) 8.500kg

9. Simon Colclough (3) 8.100kg

10. John Harvey (16) 8.050kg

11. Dale Shepherd (15) 7.475kg

12. Roland Lucas (7) 6.425kg

13. Frank Donachie (5) 5.550kg

14. Dave Roberts (1) 4.625kg

15. Perry Stone (14) 2.575kg

16. Steve Mazza (13) 2.200kg



1. Samantha Sim (Peg 4) 6.630kg

2. Elizabeth Crewe (3) 5.160kg

2. Abbi Kendall (6) 4.010kg

4. Kayleigh Smith (5) 3.590kg

5. Gemma Matthews (1) 1.360kg

6. Linda Cooke (2) 0.825kg




19th July


Team England, comprised of Will Raison and Des Shipp, continued English dominance of the Coral Fish ‘O’ Mania International event as they lead from wire-to-wire to pick up the title for the fifth consecutive year and claim the £10,000 first prize.

It became apparent around the halfway stage that it would be a race to see who could claim second prize as Shipp and Raison proved why they are unstoppable on commercial waters.

Raison netted the biggest individual weight of the match – 17.150 kg – while Shipp weighed in with 13.700 kg, the joint third highest weight of the match.

In the end they won by over eight kilos from second placed Holland – a repeat of the first and second from last year. The Dutch pair of Dieter Friederichs and Jurgen Spierings once again picked up the consolation prize of £5,000.

A delighted England team manager Mark Addy said, ”You can’t beat these two at this kind of fishing. They won it in 2013 and last year, and they are just fantastic – they are fishing machines.

“They were a bit nervous as they were expected to be No.1 so I was keeping them in touch with what was happening and any little tweaks between them, I would carry the messages across.

“With half n hour to go I thought nobody could beat us and I told them they were fishing for the individual,”

Will Raison said “It is fantastic, we have won every event here. It is a brilliant event with a nice, big crowd and it is an original event. We do get to fish some big events with big crowds but this is a certain style of fishing that myself and Des have done a lot of and we are good at it is nice to come and fish here.

“The team is the most important thing but to win the individual is nice. The team is the main thing and we have seen that over the years, the team is the priority and anything individual is a bonus. I had two skimmers, three tench and the rest stockies.

“You only have to look at the quality of the other anglers and how keen they are; it is only a matter of time until they get into this style of fishing.”

It was left to Des Shipp to sum up a magnificent day for England, “We drew an area neither of us wanted to be in but the game plan was to get bites, as it has been every time we have come here.

“The big carp have been taken out so it was about getting bites and putting fish in the net and vary the baits during the day to suit. I was catching small carp, some F1s, three tench and I had a skimmer. So the silver fish haven’t really fed.

“We do feel the pressure, massively. Everywhere we go in the world we are under immense pressure because everybody thinks England is no. 1. Wherever we are, we are expected to win.

“I have only concentrated on myself and Mark has been walking around telling us after each weigh-in that we were ahead. It is nice in a way that the big fish haven’t showed because we were six or seven kilos ahead going into the last hour so you think then you just have to keep plodding.”

Full Results

 1. England – 30.850kg

2. Holland – 22.775kg

3. Belgium – 19.900kg

4. Wales – 19.675kg

5. Ireland – 18.250kg

6. Italy – 16.975kg

7. France – 15.350kg

8. Scotland – 11.250kg


Individual weights


1. Will Raison (ENG) – 17.150kg

2. Eric De Venti (BEL) – 14.750kg

T3. Des Shipp (ENG) – 13.700kg

T3. Dieter Friederichs (HOL) – 13.700kg

5. John Harvey (WAL) – 11.500kg

6. Jean Desque (FRA) – 10.125kg

T7. Nick Howell (IRE) – 9.125kg

T7. Vincent Walsh (IRE) – 9.125kg

9. Jurgen Spierings (HOL) – 9.075kg

10. Milo Colombo (ITA) – 8.950kg

11. Lee Edwards (WAL) –  8.175kg

12. Claudio Guicciardi (ITA) – 8.025kg

13. Jamie Masson (SCO) – 7.400kg

14. Gilles Caudin (FRA) – 5.225kg

15. Hans Slegers (BEL) – 5.150kg

16. Brian Clark (SCO) – 3.850kg


The 2015 Fish ‘O’ Mania Junior match was won by 15 year-old Sam Collett from Leicester Forest East, who enjoyed a comfortable win as he bagged up 12.275kg in the four hour match. That gave Collett a 2.875kg winning margin over his nearest rival Kristian Jones, with Tom Edwards coming in third place.

It was Collett’s second appearance in the Fish’O’Mania Junior match – he came last in 2013 – and he takes home the winner’s cheque of £1,000 for his fine effort. A recent 4th place finish in the Fish 'O’ Mania qualifier at Barford Lakes showed his recent form.

“I had a mixture of F1, carp and tench from mainly fishing double dead maggot.

“I was in this a couple of years ago and from that I learnt a few things. I practiced a lot more this time and was able to keep my cool better. I tried different things and fished a normal match, trying not to think about it being Fish 'O’ Mania.

“I fished my own match and didn’t keep too much of an eye on what else was happening. After the second hour I felt I had a chance. I had a really bad first weigh but started to fish steadier after that.

“I had two good carp in the last hour and a couple of f1 so by the final weigh in I knew I was ahead. I haven’t thought about how I might spend the money.

“I fished the main event qualifier at Barford Lakes and came fourth. I didn’t get in but to win this has really made up for it,” said a delighted Collett.




1. Sam Collett – 12.275kg

2. Kristian Jones – 9.400kg

3. Tom Edwards – 6.050kg

4. Daniel Slack – 5.400kg

5. James Allen – 4.925kg

6.Morgan Davidson – 3.500kg


Biggest Fish (£1,000)


Tom Edwards - 1.375kg





A look back at 2015 qualifiers (Please click on the report)

DateVenue & HQ
Pegs Report
1Saturday 4th April

Hayfield Fishing Lakes

HQ: Hayfield Fishing Lakes, Hayfield Lane, Auckley,
Doncaster, DN9 3NP

130Click Here
2Saturday 11th April

Viaduct Fishery

HQ: Viaduct Fishery, Cary Valley, Somerton, Somerset. TA11 6LJ

130Click Here
3Saturday 18th April

Messingham Sands Fishery

HQ: Messingham Sands Fishery, Grange Park Golf Club, Butterwick Road, Messingham, North Lincs.  DN17 3PP

160Click Here
4Wednesday 22nd April

Gold Valley Lakes

HQ: Gold Valley Lakes, Gold Lane, Government Road, Aldershot, Hampshire.  GU11 2PT

130Click Here
5Saturday 25th April

Moorlands Farm Fisheries

HQ: Moorlands Farm Coarse Fisheries, Manor Lane, Hartlebury, Nr Kidderminster. DY11 7XN

130Click Here
6Wednesday 29th April

Makins Fishery
(Phase 2 & 3)

Lakes 3 and 5 have been also reserved in order to make more room if required

HQ: Makins Fishery, Bazzard Road, Bramcote, Nuneaton.  CV11 6QJ

130Click Here
7Saturday 2nd May

Tunnel Barn Farm

HQ: Tunnel Barn Farm, Shrewley, Warwick, CV35 7AN

150Click Here
8Wednesday 6th May

Monk Lakes Fishery

HQ: Monk Lakes Fishery, Staplehurst Road, Marden, Tonbridge.  TN12 9BS

150Click Here
9Saturday 9th May

The Oaks Fishing Lakes

HQ: The Oaks Fishing Lakes, Sessay, Thirsk, North Yorkshire.  YO7 3BG

150Click Here
10Saturday 16th May

Barford Lakes

HQ: Barford Lakes, Chapel Street, Barford, Norwich, Norfolk.  NR9 4BJ

130Click Here
11Wednesday 27th May

Preston Innovation Boldings

HQ: Preston Innovation Boldings, Boldings Pools, Astley ABbotts, Bridgnorth, Shropshire.  WV16 4SS

130Click Here
12Saturday 30th May

Colemans Cottage Fishery

HQ: Colemans Cottage Fishery, Little Braxted Lane, Witham, Essex.  CM8 3EX

130Click Here
13Saturday 13th June

Woodland Lakes Fishery

HQ: Woodland Lakes Fishery, Carlton Miniott, Thirsk, North Yorkshire.  YO7 4NJ

150Click Here
14Wednesday 17th June

Woodland View Fishery

HQ: Woodland View Fishery, Hay Lane, Hadley, Droitwich, Worcs.  WR9 0AU

170Click Here
15Saturday 20th June

Partridge Lakes Fishery

HQ: Partridge Lakes Fishery, Glaziers Lane, Culcheth, Warrington.  Cheshire.  WA3 4AQ

180 Click Here
16Wednesday 24th June

Lindholme Lakes Fishery

HQ: Lindholme Lakes Fishery, Don Farm, West Carr, Epworth, Doncaster.  DN9 1LF

300Click Here






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